Hello World!

I’m Geordie Rose. Back in 1999 I founded a company in Vancouver, BC called D-Wave, not to be confused with Swedish techno act D-Wave. We’re building a new kind of computer, called a quantum computer. There are quite a few good introductions to quantum computers; try Julian Brown’s or George Johnson’s books. They have also made appearances in a bunch of bestsellers, including The Footprints of God, Timeline, The Labyrinth Key, Digital Fortress, and many others. These machines have been the subject of conjecture and speculation for some time now, but no one has been able to build one yet that does anything useful. D-Wave is trying to change this.

I started this blog because I would like to provide my perspective, as the CTO of a company attempting to commercialize quantum computers, on how and when these machines will become useful to people struggling to solve hard problems with conventional (ie non-quantum) software and hardware.

In the process I may from time to time comment on stuff I see being said in the media or in academia if it’s stupid. I have a few examples lined up.

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