New joy for the widget bar

I’ve added another category to the widget bar, linking to some presentations about (mostly) quantum computing related stuff.

7 thoughts on “New joy for the widget bar

  1. Hi Geordie!

    Unfortunately, the “Supercomputing 2005: Video” is not accessible. I have an access to, but the video doesn’t start…😦

    The link to the corresponding slides is also broken: …20051112_MWPJL.pdf instead of …20051112_MW(PJL).pdf

  2. Hey Ron,
    I just checked both the slides and the video and was able to access both. I hate to ask the obvious, but when you tried to view the video were you logged into the acm website? and do you have Quicktime? I would just try updating your Adobe Reader and Quicktime and try again. Both links worked for me 3 mins prior to this post. Good luck! Both the lecture and Q&A were great!

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