A picture of one of the filter stages

Removing noise from input lines is very important. Here is a picture of one of the filtering stages. Each of the 128 input lines passes through a lumped element filter at this stage.


10 thoughts on “A picture of one of the filter stages

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  2. Hey Tim
    Quantum Computing is finally here! Although , doesn’t this look eerily like HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey. Maybe it’s half crazy!

  3. This reminds me the “Arrow” AVRO hunting jet affair.

    On the another side: black projects are always years ahead of current technology… and the gap is increasing.

    So I do not think this is relevant, only a reminder to all the pseudo-scientists well seat in the system always saying “I don’t know so it cannot be”.

    What is done today was done years ago in secret.

  4. Open the pod bay doors HAL.

    I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I’m currently in a quantum superposition of being able and not being able to do that😉

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