Demo Recap

Now that the dust has settled from the demo of one of our 16-qubit systems, I thought it might be generally of interest to do a little recap.

First: the technology. Orion has been remarkably rock solid. For such a complex machine, we haven’t seen a single systems failure yet, even during the obvious time for such a failure (live demos). So kudos to the entire technical team, the machine is solid! Word.

Second, some numbers:

  • We had in excess of 600 people attend the two events (Mountain View, Vancouver); we had to turn people away at the Vancouver event as we had more than double the registered attendees show up
  • More than 300 press articles were written about the demo, including articles in Scientific American, The Economist, Nature, Science, and national news coverage on CNN and NBC
  • More than 2,300 blog articles have been written about the event
  • We have had over 100 respondents with ideas for applications to date, about 1/3rd of which are from Fortune 1000 companies

Third, I thought I’d mention some of my favorite quotes and whatnot emerging from the demo.

Favorite article: My favorite was The Economist article, because it was the source of most of the people with applications ideas

Favorite blog caption: Without a doubt, this one.

Favorite quote: Probably the roast beef sandwich quote.

Best music to listen to while debugging Orion’s DAC boards: Probably this.

Best use of barbeque in getting Orion working: Sergey’s kabobs.

Best motivational use of an effigy of Eric: Well that’s obvious.

Best supporting actor: Squidbucks.

For everyone involved in making the demo a great success, big thanks!

Now on to the next generation…

10 thoughts on “Demo Recap

  1. hi Geordie!

    congratulations to the successful demo!🙂

    the three examples were carefully chosen. one question though: are you going to provide some details on the SudoQ solver?

  2. Thanks G-wave. We very much appreciate the link.

    As for Orion and the aftermath, we don’t need no “sticking” room 408 was hoping to do a quick and not so serious email interview with you. You know, sort of like a seven questions with Geordie D. Wave type of thing. If you have the time, stop by the site and let us know how we can pass on the questions.

    Otherwise, we can just interview ourselves. Either way works for us.🙂

  3. Geordie, is it possible you guys publish some stuff after APS meeing next week? It would be nice to find ‘Adiabatic Evolution of a System of Four Coupled Flux Qubits’ on arXiv…

  4. Hi Geordie – after I tried to read a book on quantum computing on a beach a few years ago (“Ultimate Zero and One” by Williams & Clearwater) and understood almost nothing I reopened it two weeks ago after I read the news about the Orion demo. I give it a 2nd try and wrote a post (in French) on my blog. What happened with the teleportation of the video ?
    I’ve included Genevieve’s cartoon, quite funny.

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  6. Hey, thanks! There are already 15-20 cartoon strips ready for publication in Ph’Kaki, and there are more hovering above the state of existence. Would you like updates here?

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