Some more theory

Some new theory related to Landau-Zener transitions in the presence of a spin bath.

Link included in the sidebar. Here’s the title & abstract:

Landau-Zener transition in the presence of spin environment

We study the effect of an environment consisting of noninteracting two level systems on Landau-Zener (LZ) transition probability in the small gap regime. We show that if the environment is initially at zero temperature, it does not affect the transition probability. An excited environment, however, always increases the probability of making an LZ transition. We find an upper bound for the transition probability in the limit of large number of environmental spins. We show that for adiabatic quantum computation, the environment suppresses the probability of success by at most a factor close to 1/2.

2 thoughts on “Some more theory

  1. I beg your pardon, if I submit a comment totally unrelated with the topic of this post.

    Also, this question may be very naive, but I can not help asking.

    Will the D-Wave QC ever be programmed, in order to be able to run the Linpack benchmark, and then, be listed in the list?

    If so, will it be ever be able, to run this benchmark orders of magnitude faster than current top supercomputers?

    Is there any hope?

  2. Matteo:

    No. Linpack requires performing a host of calculations poorly suited to this type of system.

    However there are different benchmarks for discrete optimization problems. Our objective is to be #1 in the world on these.

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