6 thoughts on “Demo video back up!

  1. thanks, I cant wait to start crunching numbers on your spanking new QC. BTW will it fit in my hands free cellphone?

  2. Yo G. Do you happen to have video of the press conference that followed the demonstration?

    Also, following the room 408 interview I was contemplating some follow up qustions that I might have asked. In particular, you mentioned that you have explained QC to a number of VCs and investors, and I expect that you have had a number of people and organizations contact you since the demonstration – essentially, people with a very different understanding of the potential and the limitations of QC than those in the field. Were there any ideas for QC applications that were from way out of left-field? Scheduling for MMORPGs comes to mind, but I wonder if there have been any other bram spanking and unexpected ideas, or if the ideas fell in to a small number of predictable catagories.

    Peace out, Wallace style.

  3. Ash: I don’t have any other video of the follow-up. It was pretty informal, people talking, asking questions, etc.

    Re. ideas for apps, it’s mostly the usual suspects for discrete math problems, ie. scheduling, pattern matching, portfolio optimization, etc.

    There is a lot of demand for a good quantum simulator also.

    If you want to send some more questions that would be cool, you can you email me.

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