Video Onion!

Via Doctor Recommended: This has major comedy potential. Here’s a quote from the article:

The Onion, the humorous spoof newspaper, stepped into the YouTube world on Tuesday with newscasts that are viewable on its Web site and which can be embedded into other Web pages. Like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and its offshoot, The Colbert Report The Onion videos are so realistic that if you didn’t know that The Onion satirizes news, you might think it was legitimate.

One piece entitled “Immigration: The Human Cost” covers the plight of an executive at a Lucent Technologies who is fired and replaced with a Mexican immigrant. The downtrodden former executive is forced to sell his winter home and live solely in his summer home and work as a busboy at TGI Friday’s because his wife refuses to work.


Here’s a real funny older piece from the text version.

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