New York Times article on D-Wave

Here it is. I thought it was quite excellent.

Props to Jason Pontin for doing such a good job with such a hard set of topics!

4 thoughts on “New York Times article on D-Wave

  1. “Dr. Rose is not shy about making even grander assertions. He said he believes that a bigger and better Orion computer could also speedily provide optimal solutions to difficult problems with many variables, potentially reshaping such diverse activities as investment, scheduling, logistics, and supply chain management. (Most computer scientists are more cautious: they say the dramatic speedups that Dr. Rose dreams of may be impossible with any quantum computer with a design similar to the Orion.)”

    “BUT does Orion work as advertised? No one knows, except for the people at D-Wave. According to the most skeptical of D-Wave’s detractors, because Orion can function as a slow analog computer, it’s possible that Orion was not really performing quantum operations at all when it was demonstrated at the Computer History Museum.”
    Where is true?

  2. @eagle-eye

    I’m pretty sure that the practice of “double-dipping” is fairly common in journalism. I think that is specifically what happens when the associated press releases a story, that is then run by many different papers. The added value is that more people will get the opportunity to read this story. Had the article only been printed in Technology Review, many people who don’t follow that paper would never have been exposed to the article.

    I do agree that I do prefer the non-watered down version, but one can expect the NYT version to be different as it is targeted at a different audience.

  3. Hi Geordie,

    I was hoping that you might agree to answer a few technical questions for me as regards Orien (in effect continuing on from our discussion in the comments section of Dave Bacon’s blog). The reason for this is that I would like to write an accurate and as balanced as possible post about DWaves progress and plans for scalability on my blog. I only have a few short questions, but I would be grateful if you could answer them.

    I apologise for putting this request in a comment on your blog, but I saw no other way to contact you informally. You should have my email address from this comment.



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