Some more theory…

Some more thoughts on universal AQCs.

Realizable Hamiltonians for Universal Adiabatic Quantum Computers

It has been established that local lattice spin Hamiltonians can be used for universal adiabatic quantum computation. While the simplest quantum spin model, the 2-local Ising model with 1-local transverse field, was shown not to be universal, we demonstrate that it can be rendered universal and QMA-complete by adding a tunable 2-local transverse XX coupling. We also show the universality and QMA-completeness of spin models with only 1-local Z fields and 2-local ZX interactions. We present a real-valued adiabatic quantum Fourier transform and the experimental challenge of an adiabatic version of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm. The Hamiltonians we present are important to the field of quantum computation as they are realizable in a variety of experimental implementations.

4 thoughts on “Some more theory…

  1. Having merely a master’s degree in engineering instead of a Phd in theoretical physics, I must admit that the paper is way over my head, but do I understand correctly that this shows a clear path of how to make Orion 2.0 (or whatever you will call it) a truly universal QC?

  2. Felix: In principle, yes, although it’s unlikely that Orion 2.0 would contain any of the additional devices (such as XZ couplers) that create conditions for universality. We will almost certainly focus on discrete optimization for the time being.

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