Naming things

Any engineering project can generate dozens of projects, components, objectives, processor interconnect topologies, architectures, mask generations, types of experiment, algorithms, etc. and sometimes it becomes difficult just to keep up with naming everything.

Here is a cool site that can help.

I have already used a few of their suggestions, and just today initiated Operation Moist Weasel.

9 thoughts on “Naming things

  1. so, what is it??

    (personally, I would have chosen “The little operation that could”, seems very appropriate for dwave)

  2. Who would’ve thought that choosing a name for the project would be so tough? But yes military operations sometimes have the most significant names.

  3. I meant the band. The band rocked (OI!), but look what came of it…Rancid. Meh.

    didn’t know why they chose the name till now (no point obsessing over a band that had broken up 2 years before you hear of it, after all).

    The More You Know…®

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