Books with quantum computers innem

I was meaning to post something like this but nextquant beat me to it! Here is his post with the list reproduced below.

Here is an extensive list of science fiction works featuring quantum computers and quantum computing. All suggestions and corrections are welcome!

  • Brasyl by Ian McDonald
    Features illegal quantum computing and parallel universes.
  • Dante’s Equation by Jane Jensen
    A quantum computer named Quey is used to solve a previously intractable physics problem. The book also involves parallel universes.
  • Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer
    Quantum computers are used for integer factorization and code breaking. Their working principle is based on parallel universes.
  • Finity by John Barnes
    Using quantum computers one can jump into an alternate parallel universe.
  • Hard Questions by Ian Watson
    A powerful quantum computer operates in parallel universes, becomes self-aware and creates own realities.
  • Hominids (Neanderthal Parallax) by Robert J. Sawyer
    A failed quantum computer experiment transfers a Neanderthal scientist from a parallel universe into our world.
  • Moving Mars by Greg Bear
    The book features self-aware quantum computers.
  • Quarantine by Greg Egan
    One of the first sci-fi books using the concept of quantum computation.
  • Schild’s Ladder by Greg Egan
    Future humans abandon physical bodies and trasfer their minds to a quantum computer named Qusps.
  • Simple Genius by David Baldacci
    This recent thriller describes quantum computers as being worth countries going to war for.
  • The Footprints of God by Greg Iles
    The secret Trinity Project involves some of the best minds in the world in order to create the first practical quantum computer

Cool. As an aside we named our first operational system Trinity after The Footprints of God’s Trinity Project.

Here are a couple more I’ve read:

Whoever invents the first quantum computer will permanently win the twenty-first-century Cold War between China and the U.S.

In Digital Fortress, the NSA’s secret weapon is a giant, multibillion-dollar computer called TRANSLTR, which can crack any code in seconds.

11 thoughts on “Books with quantum computers innem

  1. Damn, now I have to read Cryptonomicon again. I thought at first that there was a QC in it, but then I remembered that I was just thinking of them a lot as I was learning about quantum cryptography at the time I was reading it, so was thinking in that vein while reading Crypto.

    Damn, reading the description of the labyrinth key, that could be good, or really, really bad.

  2. Matthew: If it was “Whoever invents the first quantum computer will permanently win the twenty-first-century Cold War between Canada and Belgium” it would have been better.

  3. G: That would be nice, for their chocolate and, ermmm, waffles?

    I want to know why it would be a permanent win. Are QCs fermions, where two can’t exist in the same state at the same time (that state being working/nonworking)? Why would China’s having a QC prevent the US (or Luxembourg) from developing one? And it looks like they think you need a QC to do quantum encryption (I don’t even know if one *can* do quantum encryption…). I would be shocked and/or appalled if an author was mistaken about the science (whereas if I was mistaken, it would be par for the course, but only because Feynman said to watch out for people who understand QM. My skills and understanding are a quantum superposition, and depending on the day will collapse into either “This makes sense, sort-of” or “Damn Bell and Schroedinger, damn them to hellll!!”).

  4. Assuming all sorts of fiction works are allowed, you left out “Timeline” by Michael Crichton. The story features a Quantum Computer used to encode and store a data image of a human for transport to parallel universes. The multiverse is also talked about briefly. Crichton’s bibliography for the novel includes many “bookshelf standards” in QM. I first read “Timeline” back in high school and I’m pretty sure it paid a large contribution towards my interest in studying Physics in college.

  5. How come Deft U has been able to perform a CNOT with two qubits using superconducting technology? I thought Rose/D-wave claimed it was extremely difficult to do discrete quantum gates with superconducting technology.

  6. Timeline by Michael Crichton is one of the best sci-fi books written. It features Quantum Computers which store all of human’s info and transmit it to another universe. This was the book which got me hooked on to QC.

  7. I just read a book on Kindle called “Forbidden” by R.D Power. It’s an excellent fiction based on the invention of the first quantum computer. It is intriguing and suspenseful and a great read.

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