Some thoughts on why physicists are good entrepreneurs

D-Wave board member Haig Farris on why physicists are good at business and in particular are well suited to entrepreneurial environments.

Also of interest from this event is a very interesting talk by IBM’s Tom Theis on a subject of great interest to us here, which is the Great Evil of on-chip heat generation.

One word, Tom: Superconductors. Zero dissipation, baby. Except for readout of course… but 4.5 femtoJoules per readout I can handle.

Yeah I know you probably can’t put a dilution fridge in a laptop, but in 10 years all computing power will be in giant googleplexes anyway, and our terminals and handhelds will just be windows into them.

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on why physicists are good entrepreneurs

  1. Having worked for both I have long believed that physicists and lawyers are naturally good business people but not good managers. For that they have to learn or bring outside help.

    Great speech. Haig should consider reworking his speech into a short article in Physics in Canada or a more widely read association journal. Probably best to do it under a pseudonym just in case he gets swamped with “fund my perpetual motion machine” requests. After all, one aspect of physics is it attracts nuts.

  2. How come Delft U has been able to perform a CNOT with two qubits using superconducting technology? I thought Rose/D-wave claimed it was extremely difficult to do discrete quantum gates with superconducting technology. What are the present & future limitations of the Delft “quantum computer”?

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