7 thoughts on “Fun with take-out

  1. Spoiler Alert!

    There are 2 solutions (possibly more if I didn’t do it correctly):
    7 Mixed Fruit x $2.15 = $15.05
    1 Mixed Fruit x $2.15 + 2 Hot Wings x $3.55 + 1 Sampler Plate x $5.80 = $15.05

  2. nextquant: cool, thanks for the link. I am working on it now. I actually had a really interesting idea but I think it’s too far out for the conference…maybe I will write a blog post on it. What I’m going to talk about as “my meme” is that quantum computers are here now, and that they are much more interesting and useful than is commonly assumed. An angle I plan to take is that a lot of the tasks we commonly think of as being evidence for intelligent behavior (pattern/image recognition, deduction, learning, etc.) can be sped up (potentially dramatically) by QCs, so QCs are a component of a potential path to strong AI.

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