Faithful readers, here are some interesting links dredged up from the depths of the intarweb:

An interview with David Ditzel, processor guru (and ex-CEO of Transmeta). This is great stuff. Prepare to learn a lot about the business of processor development.

MOD front-man Billy Milano’s website. MOD’s seminal thrash crossover masterpiece USA for MOD remains one of the greatest musical epics ever. That’s right, EVER.


Here is a great source of useful information about graphs.

This is the greatest source of information about recovering from ACL surgery for fighters I’ve been able to locate.


That’s what my left knee looks like right now. Whatever.

This is an interesting blog about analyzing data generated by online games.

Here is the world’s best commercial.


6 thoughts on “Linkfest

  1. Hi Brian,

    We will be demo’ing our latest and greatest system at SC/07 in Reno November 12th. We haven’t released the number of qubits in the processor yet, but we are on track with our roadmap.

  2. Combineguard & Puthzel… just an ACL tear, it is a common injury but requires surgery to fix. Vancouver has the world’s best ACL surgeons, so hopefully you will see me back in the cage by Q4/2008.

  3. Ya Geordie, Now i am in term to develop a system that could in put information via voice in china mainland . so we need to separate the combined sound wave .the common way to doing this is using FFT + HarmanWindow. but the result is so bad,so i belive the quantum computer is a good way to slove this problem.
    And could you tell me the original data in Quantum computer can be reuse or once used we have to reload again?
    In Sc/07 i hope can see a web page or a application that someone enter a Number and the system immediately shows all submultiple of the Number have,can you do that?
    by the way i guess is Brain Wang is a chinese too,”Wang” in chinese means “king”,”Brain Wang” means “king of brain” (the cleverest man(women)) I am right?

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