A visit to Harvard

Harvard in the fall is great. The place really has a unique feeling to it. Here it is.


I was recently visiting so that I could meet with some scientific collaborators there and to attend the teaching of the D-Wave case study at the business school.

Whenever I attend one of the case study analyses (the D-Wave case is part of the curriculum for MBAs at MIT-Sloan, HBS, Rotman, Michigan and a few other schools) I’m blown away by how quickly the students hone in on the real issues.

Coincidentally the focus of the discussion this time was how to architect “Big Science” projects properly, which was the subject of the SCE workshop keynote I posted yesterday.

One of the insights brought up during the class was that publicly funded “Big Science” projects have a very different participant selection algorithm than private efforts, and this may be the crux of why private big science works better. I am going to elaborate on this in a future post because I think it is counter intuitive but provides lessons for policy and management of big science.

4 thoughts on “A visit to Harvard

  1. Tomorrow my country will send a satellite to moon this is part of project called “chang’e”.”chang’e” is name of a beautiful woman live on moon with a lot of rabbit(I wonder how she keep her weight ^_^)

    BTW Geordie: In SC07 will you show us a webpage or a application that someone key in a number and it return submultiple the number have compute by your quantum computer?please do this.man who want see application/webpage i mentioned please add “I want see it” at end of your comment .

  2. Geodie, less believe, than you in quantum computer, he wants build superconductor-quantum computer combinated superhypercomputer and 1-10% hoping, that it will be quantum computer revolution.

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