Four hard problems

I was recently visiting MIT and presented the following problems, which are all hard (I think) and important. They are related to many fundamental issues in QC. Can anyone think of ways to make these questions more precise, or focus them down on easier subproblems?


5 thoughts on “Four hard problems

  1. Sorry for i can not help you myself,but i sent the four porblems to a chinese forum and i told them to connect to when they have good idea

  2. As always, very interesting. How were these problems received?

    Also you make a passing reference to lattice based models for protien folding. Of course a QC would be a valuable tool for finding global energy minima of a lattice model for protien folding problems. I am just curious how valuable these lattice models are to chemists and biologists. In your opinion are lattice protien folding models accurate?

  3. Hi Geordie,

    check this out, it looks interesting, its about protein folding

    also how many qbits are you up to now? when is your next demo?

    And a big congratulations on your latest financing, can’t wait for you to hit 1K qbit, bet they wouldn’t to many nay sayer left when that happens🙂

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