Into the breach

I am pleased to announce that we have closed a $17M financing round as of last week. These funds will be used primarily to push the level of integration of our chips into the low thousands of qubits by the end of the year. In parallel with this central effort we will be working on running experiments on smaller systems to map out features of these systems important to their operation as quantum computers. Stay tuned, it’s going to be an interesting year!

6 thoughts on “Into the breach

  1. L. J. Lapidus, D. Enzer and G. Gabrielse, Stochastic phase switching of a parametrically driven electron in a Penning trap, Physical Review Letters 83, 899 (1999).

    In case anyone was interested in what the comedians were talking about, (not that I understand any of it)

  2. Low thousands of qubits sounds like 2000-4000 qubits or an acceleration of two to four times over the previous 1024 qubits by the end of 2008.

    2-5 months until the Q2 512 qubit machine.

    9-11 months until a Q4 2000-4000 qubit machine.

    That will be great to see.

    Hopefully by 2009-2010 we can fill out that die and get up to 1 million qubits and transforming business and science.

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