34 thoughts on “The world’s largest table

  1. Multi-level underground facility, well-established and obviously well-funded. Wonder how they got the table down there in the first place (a vision of workers being whipped as they roll it down an earthen ramp on logs). Probably assembled in place. So, my guess: Ft. Meade, or some level of the Tilley building in Ottawa.🙂

  2. Why is there a dude in a white shirt kneeling in front of Geordie, while an old man stands laughing at the head of the table? Outtakes from Eyes Wide Shut, perhaps? (taps the appropriate key on the piano)

  3. Moondust: On the topic of outtakes, a little known fact is that I was an extra in a Tori Spelling made for TV movie. I bump her and make her drop her books. Your homework assignment is to watch every Tori Spelling movie ever made and find the scene. You may have to watch each several times.

  4. Geordie: That is the meanest prank I have ever seen, trying to trick someone into suicide after watching all that Tori Spelling (it’s Japanese for Bird Spelling)…

  5. dovie ben dovid made a well-edumacated guess, most likely prompted by the oriental artwork on the wall.

    Based on the wood grain in the table and the type of striped upholstery on the chairs, I believe it to be Osama bin Laden’s boardroom in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

  6. sir;
    unaccustomed as i am to participating in guessing games with UFC/Cthulu/Quantum Computing enthusiasts such as yourselves, let us bring it.

    the table, while delicious and nutritious, is obviously not physically(in pre-Einsteinian sense) the largest table in the world. so this table of yours, it is of a virtual bigness.

    i do not believe that it is governmental bigness, since they seem to be attempting to spending less, rather than more, in these sub prime/derivative/deflectors-at-full-power times.

    thus, i would guess, big business, more specifically some combinatorial of google/yahoo/microsoft, perhaps.

    or, i could be aiming too low, and ALL of y’all are finally working on SKYNET, the biggest table of all!

    coming with me if you want to live,
    sr d

  7. d k : Your supposition that it is not in fact the largest table in the world is questionable. Yet somehow you have come closest to the essence of it… N’gai, n’gha’ghaa, bugg-shoggog, y’hah; Yog-Sothoth, Yog-Sothoth…

  8. I thought it looked similar to the one I found, many many years ago, while on a scientific study in the Antarctic. I fell into a crevasse, and yada yada yada, eater of stars, went insane… and here I am now, about to let innocent blood as the stars once again are in alignment.

    No, wait, the style looks a little Scandinavian to be a pre-historic altar to an unpronounceable god (and I don’t mean any of the Aztec variety). Never mind.

  9. Government headquarters for the Isle of GED, a stand alone country powered by solar power with many hot tubs, wrestling mats and a separate area for the Fat army.

  10. The number of comments may be a reflection of the lack of anything good on TV (GSP is defending next Saturday, therefore I will not be commenting on the table then).

    That, and tables go better when you have a cold Innis & Gunn.

  11. hum… I do remember this table from a trip in SF… what about a famous and very prestigious investment bank? now can I get a free tour of d-wave’s headquarters? :))

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