OK all you hackers out there

Want to try your chops out on building some simulation tools for quantum computing systems? I am looking for someone with outstanding coding aptitude to help implement some simulation tools for our stuff. If you are a really good coder who wants to get involved with quantum computers (and work with by far the coolest quantum computing team in the world) this is an excellent place to start. No knowledge of quantum computation is required. Most of the modeling work has been completed, the main focus of this job in the short term is building implementations of these models and then running them for internal customers here.

Check it out! If you have any questions you can contact me directly via email.

10 thoughts on “OK all you hackers out there

  1. D-Wave strives to pay competitive salaries, in-line with the local high tech industry. We participate in annual salary surveys to ensure our pay ranges are closely aligned with other high tech companies in the lower mainland. This position is most closely aligned with the Software Systems Engineer III listing in the 2007 Watson Wyatt survey. It has a range of $53-88k with a P50 of $70.7k. That being said, outstanding applicants could take on more responsibility and thereby get a higher starting salary. We are flexible and are always looking for (rare) A+ people.

  2. JAPH – I first read you as CSPAN, and thought WTF??

    I should stop reading multiple lines at once, I think.

  3. Heh, that’s pretty good. Imagine the talking heads at CSPAN having a cogent discussion of AQC:

    ” So tell me, Bill, what’s the true measure of a man’s Hamiltonian? I mean, you and I both know people whose ground state is, well, you know, not even close to being on-the-level here. They’re always changing their minds, their platform, their look–there’s not one damn eigenstate that even half-way resembles any other–it’s hopeless! You can’t pin them down on anything. Linear thinking begets linear results, you know? No really, it’s as simple as that. So let’s say, for instance, that we voted for change, any change, okay? Now, how do we evolve -only- desirable changes? “

  4. Damn, JAPH, you should go on a Kings of Quantum Comedy tour!

    *crickets chirp* “Hello? Is this thing on?”

    Ahhh, I love nerd humour, especially math jokes. I think it’s because they are soooo bad, they’re funny. Which explains why I LOVED Norm MacDonald and his OJ jokes and Hasselhoff gag.

    Now I think of talking heads, and think we should go Schrodinger on someone. I don’t know anyone on CSPAN, but Bill O’RLY? or that skinny viper would work. You know, for science.

  5. Plus, I get a lot of email guaranteed to increase the measure of your Hamiltonian, and increase the coherency time!

  6. you guys should should start a second CNN (Central Nerd Network) wiat you might get sued. better make it C squared N squared (Canadian Central Nerd Network)

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