Hangin with Techno-Destructo

Some content from my Future in Review visit last month is on their website now. They have a picture of Larry Smarr and me on the front page talking giganto-computers and creating machine sentiences or something.

Here is me busting some QC freestyle:

That was right before we were joined on stage by Bruce Sterling who was awesome, a highlight of the show. Afterwards we went and hung out with GWAR.

2 thoughts on “Hangin with Techno-Destructo

  1. Once, in Spanish class, we had to do a travel brochure for whatever location we chose. I chose Antarctica. I have forgotten a lot of my Spanish, but I still remember “pene del caucho de espuma” in my “things to watch out for” section. Luckily both teachers knew who GWAR was.

    If you can’t make it on sheer talent, go over-the-top in showmanship. For example: if you can’t fight, you can still become a pro wrestler.

    Actually, GWAR would have been awesome in the WWF!

  2. dear commander rose;
    i believe that a superior caption for this photograph would have been, “i once caught a fish THIS BIG!” the alternate caption must be censored as unsuitable for this blog perused by so many young and impressionable physicists.

    sr d

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