It’s wafer thin

Which is greater, the total number of working dilution fridges in the world or the number of 5mm square superconducting processors on a single 200mm wafer?

12 thoughts on “It’s wafer thin

  1. Hi Geordie,
    I am proud to be the first one to congratulate you for this achievement.
    Now, I would suppose you will be looking for developers for any kind of application for your new chip?
    Will you system be open to 3rd party developers (even if they will not be rich enough to buy a lot of time on your QC?)
    Do you know about any kind of literature available to start to learn about QC programming?
    Would any of the usual QC books do, or you have other documentation to suggest?


    Matteo Martini

    You have reviews of your chip on and among other places

  2. Hi Matteo,

    Thanks! We have a documented web services API for using the system. It’s online now. We haven’t publicly released it but if you email me I’ll send you the link. It’s currently in alpha release so you can expect bugs and it may be a bit hard to use.

  3. Oh and re. your question about QC programming, this system is really quite easy to use. There are 3 levels at which you can program it: (1) by stating problems in their native mathematical programming formats (this is the way the web services works); (2) using an extension we developed to SQL, which is a declarative language that captures NP; (3) at the machine language level. Only (3) requires serious skills. Of the three only (1) is currently documented and available online.

  4. Congrats! I am drooling at the prospect of comprehensive performance data, and juicy new papers. So, the inevitable questions: how many qubits-per-core here, and at what density (of qubits-per-core) does that question cease to be relevant–or does it ever? This is too cool. Thanks for the picture. 🙂

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