Slides and video from SC08 Disruptive Technologies panel

Here are the slides and here is a link to video from the SC08 panel. The panel itself was very interesting. In particular the progress that is being made in integrated photonics (a topic I have an increasing interest in understanding better) shown by Keren Bergman was very neat.

Austin itself is a very cool town. Interesting fact: Austin is the largest city in the US without a major professional sports team. Lots of trees, excellent jogging trails. I went for a jog and the trails were almost crowded, more people out enjoying themselves than even Vancouver which is a pretty outdoorsy place. Of course there is also a lot of tech, with Dell, AMD, Intel and several other big players with major offices in town.

3 thoughts on “Slides and video from SC08 Disruptive Technologies panel

  1. Hi JP: It’s not only about the number of qubits. There are a lot of other issues. The level of connectivity in the underlying hardware graph (the number of couplers), algorithms for mapping “real life” problems into hardware, documentation and debugging, increasing mean time between failure, decreasing costs, decreasing 1/f noise from materials science issues in fab, increasing fab yields, etc. etc. etc.

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