AQUA@home is live

As indicated in an earlier post, quantum monte carlo simulation is one way to calculate how long an adiabatic quantum algorithm takes to run. Our distributed code to answer questions about the performance of these algorithms is now live. You can participate by volunteering cycles.

The home site of AQUA@home is

Joining the project is simple:

Download, install and run the BOINC software used by AQUA@home. When prompted, enter the URL: .

You can then change the default settings for BOINC to use more or less of your processors, only run them at certain times of day, etc. AQUA@home runs in the background and will crank itself down whenever you’re using your system.

I’m currently writing a description of how everything works and a technical description of what we’re calculating. Prior to having this completed, the papers in my previous post contain most of this information.

My objective is to try to grow participation organically, starting small and slowly cranking up results, publications and coverage over time.

If you haven’t participated in a BOINC-type project before, it’s actually very fun and somewhat addictive… on that note you should all join my team (called QUBO) once you sign up.

9 thoughts on “AQUA@home is live

  1. I wish that the Comp-Sci lab computers at Carleton had BOINC on them so that they wouldn’t sit there wasting power for no reason. Unfortunately, getting it installed would mean putting in a request now for it to be installed in September, because they don’t have a good network setup.😦

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  3. I just joined your group. Looking forward to hearing what you are calculating. I am going to make an uneducated guess – are they benchmarks to determine the accuracy of future quantum computing tests – so you can compare the results of quantum-based calculations against calculations done using classical methods?

    I noticed that when I set up the BOINC client, it automatically assigned me two work units. I am guessing that it figured out that I have a dual CPU system, and is dedicating each unit to one CPU.

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