14 thoughts on “AQUA@home in New York Times

  1. No way, people who comment on NYT tech blogs live in basements? With their mamas? You think?. D-Wave good job with the project, I am signed up and will be waiting for my quarterly dividend.

  2. happy new (quantum computer) year!

    so Geordie will this be the year you silents the nea sayers? or will nea sayers alway said nea. good luck and skill in the coming year.:)

  3. Robert: Here are some numbers:

    Number of AQUA volunteers: 1496
    Number of computers: 3023
    Maximum cores: 7318
    Total computation: 99248.44496514 GFLOPs
    Total CPU time: 328366.83114109 hours

    This is roughly 3 weeks worth of runtime.

  4. Something I was wondering about – do you have results showing typical/average exponential scaling for the best possible classical algorithm(s) applied to these problems? With a sufficiently large enough set of instances, I would imagine N ~ 128 would be sufficient to demonstrate better ‘typical’ case scaling?

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