About as good a news article as you can hope for

This article nails the complex issues surrounding building quantum computing technology.

A summary:

“In succinct, this could see the future one of the most obstreperous change we have see since the PC mush the IT celestial,” Enderle noted. “It will develop faster, and it will be profusely more bumpy.”

7 thoughts on “About as good a news article as you can hope for

  1. It’s a very good article, summary indeed. Just to make clear how I meant the above, I could understand it very well and English is not my first language. It just seems alien, in an interesting way🙂

  2. Maybe the article is proof itself that quantum computing has arrived and has empowered an AI to be “belligerent of breaking virtually all level of encryption now previously owned by shear income bad, and it is a bystander sport changer in vocabulary of utter processing muscle.”

    Indeed. Our new belligerent overloads have arrived and they demand our thesauri.

  3. It zhould be translated into borkbork, ya? I think this is the first time that quantum anything has made me laugh out loud; usually bad science in SF just makes me cringe…

  4. The work being done by D-WAVE is absolutely incredible! This is the invention of the decade, possibly even the century (new century). In my opinion, more funding should go into D-WAVE and/or other developing quantum computing companies THAN say NASA for example. This technology could lead us to the furthering of technologies like nanotechnology, high level functioning Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, and so on. It could even undoubtedly help the fields of medicine, biology, etc. (in my opinion)

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