Good blog post on AQC

is here. This is an excellent post with good understanding of adiabatic quantum computation and some good ideas about how one might approach constructing adiabatic algorithms.

3 thoughts on “Good blog post on AQC

  1. nice post, any update on when Rainier will be fully up and running? cant wait to see how the data runs will compare with the simulation🙂

  2. JP: We’re currently focusing on device-level testing as several changes have been made on this version–it’s very important that the basic unit cell functions to spec before we proceed. Tests on the on-chip digital control circuitry have gone very well, it looks like we are converging on a solution that will work. The alterations made to the qubits are also having the desired effects, and the novel readout system we’ve implemented is functioning well. For systems-level tests, stay tuned, they’re on their way.

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