AQUA@home version 4 online!

The new AQUA@home application (version 4) is now ready. The algorithm has been improved to better measure the size and place of the minimum gap in the evolution of a quantum system. There is also better load-balancing for multi-core CPUs. AQUA will be performing full-scale runs starting today.


4 thoughts on “AQUA@home version 4 online!

  1. the new quantum computer algorithms from MIT (accelerate linear equation solutions) and University of London (accelerate Differential equations.

    Obviously since you are in fairly close contact with Seth Lloyd and that this is fairly big news, you are on top of this.

    Will these algorithms be implementable on adiabatic systems ?
    will this development trigger a development path to enable the dwave systems to be able to handle those kind of algorithms ?
    Any other comments or impressions or reactions ?

  2. Hi Brian

    While it is important it’s not new, it has been on arxiv for some time. No plans to implement these, first we have to get the adiabatic quantum optimization algorithm working.

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