D-Wave technology used by Google

Here is a link to a Google research blog post describing the use of D-Wave technology to build a binary classifier. A summary:

Today, at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NIPS 2009), we show the progress we have made. We demonstrate a detector that has learned to spot cars by looking at example pictures. It was trained with adiabatic quantum optimization using a D-Wave C4 Chimera chip. There are still many open questions but in our experiments we observed that this detector performs better than those we had trained using classical solvers running on the computers we have in our data centers today. Besides progress in engineering synthetic intelligence we hope that improved mastery of quantum computing will also increase our appreciation for the structure of reality as described by the laws of quantum physics.

8 thoughts on “D-Wave technology used by Google

  1. That’s awesome! Very, very cool. Nice work! So does this mean you have some sort of established collaboration with them now?

  2. Thanks! We’ve been working together for quite a while now. This is the first time we’ve done anything “industrial strength” together. BTW I will be at QIP 2010 we should try to get together.

  3. Oh, very good! We should definitely meet up! I’m sharing a studio “apartment” with Todd Brun. Are you presenting a poster (perhaps on D-Wave’s work with Google)? BTW, did you know that Seth Lloyd supposedly spent time in a hot tub with Larry and Sergei? Or so I’ve heard (Seth has some weird stories…)

  4. Cool. I look forward to meeting you. I had every expectation of having a poster on my recent work on asymptotic quantum channel convexity, but it appears to be on its way to rejection (in the last four years I have managed to cultivate a reputation as a crank while simultaneously being the mouthpiece for the APS GQI, something only I could pull off).

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