From Steve Jurvetson’s flickr blog

Here is Steve’s post. And yes that is the world’s biggest table in case you were wondering. It probably is also the table with the most potential energy in the world as it is on the 45th floor and probably weighs about 100 tons.

10 thoughts on “From Steve Jurvetson’s flickr blog

  1. Wow. I can’t get over the wastefulness of that table. My code is much more efficient than that. I would make two long narrow tables and let the unused real state in that middle be used as a corridor for the speaker to pace back and forth

  2. Paul Farmer (born October 26, 1959) is an American anthropologist and physician

    so I’m guessing he not one of the Ugly Americans you are speaking of?

    any other you would like to exude?

  3. JP. I didn’t mean that all Americans are ugly. Only the ones that bought that table. The story of Paul Farmer is told in the book “Mountains Beyond Mountains” written by Tracy Kidder
    (you may recognize Tracy Kidder as the Pulitzer price winning author of another great book, “The Soul of the New Machine”, the story of DEC corporation, makers of VAX. Both are EXCELLENT nonfiction books.)

    Paul Farmer is awesome. He is a Doctor physician who started a hospital that serves the poor in Haiti. He lives most of the time in Haiti, but about 2 months of the year he makes a pilgrimage to Boston, where he is much sought after as a speaker. Since I live in Boston, I’ve listened to his talks many times. Not only is he on par with mother Theresa, but he is super brilliant.

  4. i think it just comes down to, if we will live in a world were it is better to be loved then feared, everything else would just fall into place.

  5. I find Steve Jurvetson just as amazing as his like Rich Barton is, at least I’d say Rich Barton has something in common with him. Anyway it is hard to believe Steve Jurvetson is already 46 years old!

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