Synchronization of multiple coupled rf-SQUID flux qubits

A practical strategy for synchronizing the properties of compound Josephson junction (CJJ) radio frequency monitored superconducting quantum interference device (rf-SQUID) qubits on a multi-qubit chip has been demonstrated. The impact of small (~1%) fabrication variations in qubit inductance and critical current can be minimized by the application of a custom-tuned flux offset to the CJJ structure of each qubit. This strategy allows for a simultaneous synchronization of the qubit persistent current and tunnel splitting over a range of external bias parameters that is relevant for the implementation of an adiabatic quantum processor.

[R Harris et al 2009 New J. Phys. 11 123022 (10pp)]

4 thoughts on “Synchronization of multiple coupled rf-SQUID flux qubits

  1. Is the 128 qubit system now or in 2010 being sold as a commercial service or product ? Is anyone paying or anyone in 2010 be paying to use the 128 qubit system ? I ask because I made long bet proposition that a 100 qubit quantum computer would be commercial by the end of 2010.


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