Starting and growing a “big idea” company

Here is a presentation I gave two days ago to the technology entrepreneurship class at UBC. The presentation was mostly about managing and surviving disruptive transitions in a start-up environment. Also in here are some ideas related to intelligent design of a peculiar sort…

One thought on “Starting and growing a “big idea” company

  1. Geordie,
    If I follow the logic of your argument that selection pressure means evolved brains will solve classical problems. That is avoid being attacked by a tiger versus determine an orbital structure from diffraction data. However, that is the nature of the problem. A brain may work in a quantum manner to solve a classical problem. That is the processing could be quantum. However, I think your brains are wet and hot arguement is sound. Of course these quantum aspects of thinking are potentially small scale: tunneling through a potential to cause an impluse; protein docking; etc.

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