QIP 2010

On my way back from the conference, currently at Heathrow. It was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of me, Suzanne Gildert, Hartmut Neven from Google and Eddie Farhi at the conference dinner. The food was good and the conversation spectacular. Good times with old friends and new.

4 thoughts on “QIP 2010

  1. I’m trying to devise a test to detect whether a shady fly-by-night conference called QIP is producing any useful quantum mechanical ideas, as they so self-congratulatorily proclaim. So far I haven’t been successful.

    I’m currently working on a definition for the Webster guys, who frequently consult me:
    Quantum Complexity Theorist
    noun. a computer scientist that hates computers, thinks he is a mathematician, and devotes all his time to proving theorems that have little or no practical application in the real world.🙂

  2. Hi JP, yes that is a very interesting paper and quite close to some things we’re working on right now… and we did have a lot of fun at the conference. Spent quite a bit of time hanging out with some really cool people.

    Bob: While there definitely are folks who match your definition fairly closely, I was heartened by the number of people I met who were really interested in experiments and trying things out in the lab. There’s an “experimental underground” out there even in the quantum complexity theory community (although sometimes in takes some two buck chuck or equivalent to get them to come out of the closet🙂 ).

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