Link to talk I gave recently on AGI

Update 20100621: the link to the video is currently broken, but will be fixed shortly, I’ll update when it’s back up!

Here are the slides:

4 thoughts on “Link to talk I gave recently on AGI

  1. The peanut gallery demands slides! Especially of ant hills and robotic pets!

    In all seriousness it was a very interesting talk and humbling to know where I stand relative to my cell phone : /

    On this topic, I was wondering what you thought of IBM’s Watson project ( In a few years do you think Watson could be fed old-fashioned hex color codes and predict what is in a photo? Or vice-versa, do you think the systems you are working on will eventually feign the ability to “guesstimate” trivia questions accurately?

    Btw, WP is still blocked here in China : (

  2. OK I’ll post the slides! WP blocked in China? I didn’t know that.

    The Watson project is extremely cool. It’s an example of the sort of progress I referred to in the talk. Synthesizing Watson and Goggles would be fun.

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