Quantum processors and ‘co-design’

There is an high-level introductory article written over at physicsandcake explaining how a renewed interest in ‘co-design’ in the field of High Performance Computing relates to D-Wave’s processors and approach to solving problems. Co-design is usually described as the development of software which is designed to exploit features of special purpose hardware, or vice-versa. Here is a link to the post:

Building more intelligent machines: Can ‘co-design’ help?


16 thoughts on “Quantum processors and ‘co-design’

  1. Any commercial revenue of any kind yet?
    Is Google paying any fee for the image classification ?
    Was there a go ahead on the lab with Google that has been mentioned ?
    Any plans in 2011 to push to 256 qubits or more ?

  2. Hi Brian. We continue to make good progress and have met our objectives for 2010. It is a very exciting time. I will be able to give you more detail on some important wins we’ve had over the past year in January.

  3. Easy, folks. It’s not like he doesn’t have at least three full-time jobs. Of course, I’m as eager as the rest for the next qc brain dump… (drools).

  4. Don’t worry. It’s just a delay in getting the details out, not a delay in progress. You’ll have to be patient for a while longer; how long of a while, though, is far beyond my power/knowledge.😉

  5. Let’s see… if we allow all of the actions Geordie must perform prior to posting an update here to be vertices on a graph, and the time between consecutive actions to be edges (performing some actions consecutively will reduce the total time required; in some cases it won’t matter, and in some cases it will increase the total time) then you might expect there to be at least one hamiltonian path providing an optimal order in which all actions should be performed to get us an update with a minimal expenditure of time on Geordie’s part. QED: Geordie should use his own computer to optimally order his Outlook calendar and task list.🙂

    Actually, I just made all of that up–I have no earthly idea. Deliberately performing consecutive tasks in a suboptimal way should not result in any time savings, becuase you’d still need to perform all of the intervening tasks that you “skipped” by choosing a suboptimal route. But it still sounds half-way convincing, if you’re not paying attention…😀

  6. Boy, I got nuth’in. I wonder if they missed their last round of funding, or if it was made contingent on meeting some very specific and difficult milestones…

    They need to bring in R. Lee Ermie to help motivate the team:

    “What?! What’s the matter, all you WIMPY degenerate excuses for quantum information theorists and condensed matter physicists–did your mama not give you enough love?! Now you get your fat, qubit-loving posteriors under that energy threshold right this freak’in minute! I said NOW, damn you! I want every swinging junction to repeat after me: I am NOT an individual…”

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