The bugle sounds as the charge begins

Hi everyone! I’ve been away for a while doing cool stuff. I am back now and I’m going to tell you about the fascinating and ultra sweet stuff that I and my crew at D-Wave have been up to.

But before we get to that, we’re going to be changing around a bit.

We’re going to change the way the site looks, by adding some stuff, subtracting some stuff, and generally making it easier to use. We’re going to move to a format where there are multiple contributors and there is going to be a forum for asking questions that we’ll answer via video posts. I lobbied strongly for having a Dio-themed site but unfortunately was voted down… I negotiated having at least one Dio reference per month though.

The change-over from the current format to the new one is scheduled to happen between now and Monday May 9th. Just as a teaser we will have an announcement to make on Monday — just a small one though.

5 thoughts on “The bugle sounds as the charge begins

  1. But on this battlefield no one wins? I could quote it in my sleep. Avast, here be classic Maiden…

    But where is thine update, ye scurvy dog? An update was promised, and an update we shall have, or you’ll feel the edge of me cutless beneath your whiskered chin, ye lily-livered scallywag…

  2. is the place to learn about heavy metal. I am curious of all the good and bad metal out there why an act as obscure as Dio? Do you draw inspiration their album “Dream Evil” or for that matter “Angry Machines”? Regardless, keep charging.

  3. Dude,

    Replying to you (and Miles here, same Miles that I am thinking about?! And maybe the Dark Girl Suz…😉 ), in the semi-private setting (who would care to look at this post again?🙂 )…

    Here is one for you: !

    We’re off to the witch
    We may never never never come home
    But the magic that we’ll feel
    Is worth a lifetime

    Totally inappropriate for a semi-official blog of a decent company, but still — I will accept your (G.R.) invitation if each of us gets to share in that “one Dio reference per month”, or the equivalent…

    Another inspiring one (specially for ET!):

    Stand and fight
    Live by your heart
    Always one more try
    I’m not afraid to die
    Stand and fight
    say what you feel
    Born with a heart of steel

    Paul B.

    P.S. I was going to add an Yngwie Malmsteen one, but found my most favourite ones not entirely politically correct even for this post, involving Queens and such, so I restrained myself — yes, Yngwie is the only one I have personally seen back in Moscow late 80s or early 90s, and he is, well, “good”, for the lack of a better word!🙂

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