TeleXLR8 presentation this weekend: ‘Hack the Multiverse:The Talk.’

quantum computing talk in TeleXLR8

A TeleXLR8 montage. Photo credit: TeleXLR8

Hack the Multiverse blogger Suzanne Gildert will be giving a talk about quantum computer programming this weekend. The talk will take place in TeleXLR8, now powered by a new opensource version of the original engine. TeleXLR8 is a virtual environment similar to Second Life where you can watch talks and have discussions. It’s awesome. So grab your Fritos and Mountain Dew and gather round the laptop screen for a fun session of learning about this exciting field! The talk will cover an introduction to quantum computing and the technology of building quantum computers, then move into a tutorial discussing Energy Programming: A new way of programming unlike anything else in existence.

There’s also a special treat for those attending the talk: A chance to navigate one’s avatar around a lifesize virtual copy of the D-Wave One quantum computer.

If you would like to attend the talk please contact Giulio Prisco, there might be some slots left but they are rapidly filling up so be quick! Here is some more information about the event and how to apply for a place: Information about ‘Hack the Multiverse’ talk on KurzweilAI’

Don’t worry if you can’t get a seat, the videos will also be posted online afterwards so you can watch at your leisure!

9 thoughts on “TeleXLR8 presentation this weekend: ‘Hack the Multiverse:The Talk.’

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  4. Hi Suzanne
    I attended your talk. Nice introduction for me, good work! It gave me the motivation to learn more about this so I guess you’ve succeeded in your objectives!
    Do you have some kind of recommended bibliography? I’m not in Physics neither in IT.
    I’ve read ‘Automatic Quantum Computer Programming’ from Lee Spector. Not too bad.If you could advise other books?

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