D-Wave at Supercomputing 2011

I’ll be repping D-Wave at the SC11 show in Seattle on November 17th; here is a link.

Here’s some info:

D-Wave One quantum processor: technology and applications

TIME: 2:15PM – 3:00PM

Presenter(s):Geordie Rose, Sergio Boixo

ROOM:TCC 301/302

The D-Wave One processor uses quantum effects directly for information processing. This is the first commercially available system capable of doing so for tasks of practical interest. We will present an overview of the technology and applications of this chip. The technology is based on quantum annealing implemented on superconducting flux qubits. We will also talk about the use of D-Wave’s architecture to perform machine learning in a number of areas. We focus on two: verification and validation of software and validation of control systems; cheminformatics for improving organic photovoltaics as part of the Harvard Clean Energy Project.

Chair/Presenter Details:

Geordie “texugo do mel” Rose – D-Wave Systems

Sergio Boixo – Harvard University

I am trying to figure out what to wear when I rock the mic at the show. You can help. I was thinking of going with this. What do yall think.

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