Videos from the NASA Quantum Future Technologies Conference

There are a bunch of cool videos available online from presentations at the recent NASA Quantum Future Technologies conference.

In case you don’t want to watch all the talks (there are a lot!), I’ll point out a few which are most relevant to this blog. If you have time though I’d recommend browsing the full list of talks, as there were lots of extremely interesting themes at the conference!

One of the cool things about this conference was just how much of a focus there was on Adiabatic Quantum Computing. Hopefully the talks will inspire even more people to view this form of quantum computing as scalable, robust and useful for problem-solving.

Click on the images to watch the talks via Adobe connect:

First is Geordie’s talk on Machine Learning using the D-Wave One system – presenting D-Wave’s latest experimental results on applying the quantum computing system to learning problems such as image compression, image recognition and object detection and tracking:


Hartmut Neven works at Google on image search and computer vision applications. His talk describes how the quantum computing technology at D-Wave is being applied to some challenging problems in this field:


Mohammad Amin from D-Wave describes how noise comes into play in the Adiabatic Quantum Computing model, and explains how the adverse effects of decoherence can be avoided, and do not disrupt the quantum computation when the system is designed correctly:


Frank Gaitan describes how the D-Wave One system can be used to explore a problem in graph theory called Ramsey numbers:


Sergio Boixo describes using the D-Wave One for Adiabatic Quantum Machine Learning and how this relates to the ‘clean energy project’ being performed at USC:


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