6 thoughts on “Scaling of qubit count over the past 8 years…

  1. I thought D-Wave Systems was already producing wafers with 131 512 qubit Vesuvius chips on December 1, 2011 or earlier, although I may have missed something since the audio is not working on my computer. Has D-Wave Systems only sold one 128 qubit quantum computer to Lockheed Martin, which is being shared with USC?

  2. HI Mark! Yes the product cycle is basically the same as that in the semiconductor industry — R&D goes through on the order of ten mask iterations, each taking about 3 months, before a new processor design is hardened enough to ship as a product. The numbers / dates shown in the visualization are the first time the processors ran full-up computational benchmarks (which is nearing the last stage of R&D before a product is ready to ship).

    Yes the system at USC is the only one that’s been announced.

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  4. Why Python..?…. I mean, Mathematica or even matlab would have been a lot better.. Python , to me is not the best choice for computational physics *which is what i would be using D- wave for..

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