Good article on D-Wave in the Globe and Mail… with extra video goodness

A pretty decent article on D-Wave in the Globe and Mail today.

In addition to the article there are a couple videos of me dropping mad science on fools for real.

12 thoughts on “Good article on D-Wave in the Globe and Mail… with extra video goodness

  1. Why would anyone want to mimic the human mind? It deletes 3/4 of it’s input immediately and half of what’s left shortly. Of what it retains, a good deal is useless, the mind knows this yet is unable to delete it. When asked to recall information, it regularly invents what it cannot recall and 10-20 times a day it flat-out lies. It is well known that some scientists do lie, cheat and steal. Even the greatest minds are flawed.

    How do you choose what you wish to mimic? How do you separate out those features with little or no knowledge of what contributes to them? Do we use genetic programming to evolve processes and neural structures we seek to imitate? If so, is this any more intelligent than a ventriloquists puppet with our hand up its spine?

    The Turing test? If we successfully get a computer to discuss its bodily functions and emotions – the first questions I would pose administering such a test – that is certainly not intelligence. An intelligent machine would certainly be aware of it’s own nature, capabilities and limitations.

    • You should go into politics. You deftly evaded answering all of my questions and my point in general. Since you are a Jiu-Jitsu champion, I should warn you that I can run very fast.

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  3. LOL yeah. Well I get your point. I still think it’s an amazingly interesting thing to try to do. Might take 15 years and $1B but I have some experience with such things🙂

  4. Sorry to bring this up again but I really would like to know the answer. In a TedxTalk from 2010, Mrs. Michelle Simmons said that a 300 qubit computer would be as powerful as all other computers on earth connected together (TEDxSydney – Michelle Simmons — Quantum Computation at 7:30 – ).The Vesuvius already has 512 qubits. Did she make a mistake or how can we compare quantum computers to normal computers?

  5. According to the Globe and Mail article, D-Wave Systems is still planning on marketing its 512 qubit quantum computer at the end of 2012. Is that still true?

    • HI Mark! Yes the first prototypes are currently in the final stages of benchmarking in the lab. Everything is looking great — in fact much better than we were expecting.

  6. Is there any chance that Vesuvius quantum computers have already been sold but it has not yet been announced? In any case, is there a good chance of an announcement in less than two months?

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