IEEE Patent Power 2012

D-Wave makes the #4 spot in the annual IEEE Spectrum “who’s who” patent rankings in the “Computer Systems” category. The article is linked to here.

We were also #3 across all Canadian companies across all categories, behind RIM (Communications / Internet Services) and Magna (Automotive and Parts).

The full rankings can be found here. D-Wave achieved the largest pipeline adjusted impact, largest pipeline generality, and largest pipeline growth index of any company in the table. Here are the rankings for our category.


5 thoughts on “IEEE Patent Power 2012

  1. I find a paper at that i think must be interesting for you guys at d-wave .

    “Non-Hermitian Quantum Annealing in the Transverse Ising Model”

    We create a non-Hermitian quantum optimization algorithm to find the ground state of an Ising model with up to 1024 spins (qubits). Our approach leads to significant reduction of the annealing time. Analytic and numerical results demonstrate that the total annealing time is proportional to ln N, where N is the number of spins. This encouraging result is important for the rapid solution of NP-complete problems. Additional research is proposed for extending our dissipative algorithm to more complicated problems.

  2. We propose a non-Hermitian quantum annealing algorithm which can be useful for solving complex optimization problems. We demonstrate our approach on Grover’s problem of finding a marked item inside of unsorted database. We show that the energy gap between the ground and excited states depends on the relaxation parameters, and is not exponentially small. This allows a significant reduction of the searching time. We discuss the relations between the probabilities of finding the ground state and the survival of a quantum computer in a dissipative environment.

  3. Well done D-Wave. The IEEE Patent Power rankings are worth reviewing. Note in Canada you beat the National Research Council, too. They have way more budget and people than you do. Be proud.

  4. When, and how, can you miniaturize (as right now a D-Wave One model looks huge) your computers? When can we non-elites get quantum computers for a low price?
    Please answer these questions of mine. Thank you.

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