Lockheed Martin piece about D-Wave technology

Here is a short piece describing what Lockheed Martin and scientists at USC think about D-Wave technology.

Here is a great quote from the piece.

It’s a game changer for the corporation, it’s a game changer for our customers, and ultimately it’s a game changer for humanity. Computationally this is the equivalent of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.

– Greg Tallant, Research Engineering Manager, Flight Control & VMS Integration – FW, Advanced Development Programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

3 thoughts on “Lockheed Martin piece about D-Wave technology

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  2. Hey, I think it will be great if you can PROMOTE your Quantum Computer at BCIT and SFU, which are both in Burnaby (where I am from).
    Your wonderful company deserve much more attention than what you have now.

    It is exceedingly sad to know that not many people know what “Quantum Computing” is, not to mention building/buying a quantum computer.

  3. Isn’t this similar to how a neural network works in traditional computing. You’re essentially trying to determine the lowest error state to a set of inputs and each unit of the dwave machine acts as a physical neuron?

    The speed is achieved due to the quantum nature of the machine or the superposition functionality that the machine is able to utilise?

    Can anyone confirm this view?


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