Bo Ewald joins D-Wave

D-WAVE SYSTEMS, INC. ROBERT "BO" EWALDI’m very pleased to welcome Bo Ewald to D-Wave! Bo will lead our newly formed US business as President.

Bo has a storied history in high performance computing with leadership roles at Los Alamos, Cray, Linux Networks, and Silicon Graphics.

6 thoughts on “Bo Ewald joins D-Wave

      • Thanks for the reply. I will be visiting Stanford to present in STOC 2013 and CCC 2013 in the first week of June. If the office is open to the visitors I was wondering whether I could drop by. Right now in my PhD studies I am trying to simulate topology on adiabatic quantum computational model. So, as expected, I am highly excited about what D-Wave is doing.🙂

      • Hi Geordie,

        Greg Gabrenya informed me that the Palo Alto office is not open to visitors at this moment. Thanks anyway.

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