Moonshot thinking

Here is a very cool video from friends at Google… couldn’t agree more. The world needs more big dreams.

You don’t spent your time being bothered that you can’t teleport from here to Japan. Because there’s a part of you that thinks it’s impossible. Moonshot thinking is choosing to be bothered by that… our ambitions are a glass ceiling on what we can accomplish.       — Astro Teller

One thought on “Moonshot thinking

  1. We have lot of problems here on Earth that need to be addressed. For scientific information, robotics devices can do it better, faster and cheaper. But the need to explore, to find new worlds and new hope has always driven humans since they became human. We are not doing this for any practical reason. It is in our blood. As late as a few centuries ago, humans ventured out into the unknown by ship and camel knowing full well that they had less than a 50/50 chance of surviving. There is a plan being considered for one-way trips to Mars. To return would mean that 80% of your payload was just to get back. They could be supplied by supply capsules but would need to use their ingenuity to survive. Subsequent travelers would have more knowledge before leaving. Last I heard they had 78,000 volunteers. We go because we can’t not do it.

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