Link to Singularity 1-1 interview

I recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with Nikola Danaylov AKA Socrates. I really like his interview series — he’s spoken to a who’s who of interesting people. You should watch them. Here is a link to his site. I especially liked his most recent interview with Kevin Warwick.

In the interview we talk about a whole bunch of topics, including the founding of D-Wave, what D-Wave is all about, the awesomeness of wrestling, superconducting processors, quantum computers, Rose’s Law, the multiverse, stick wielding primates, the Singularity, artificial intelligence, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out!



8 thoughts on “Link to Singularity 1-1 interview

  1. Really great interview, I enjoyed it. I particularly liked this quote on AI “We will have things that make people uncomfortable, like within five years”, that sounds like interesting to me🙂

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  3. Geordie: I think that your comments about skepticism of the scientists at the Perimeter Institute( I think they were more likely at the IQC), is because 1: they got scooped up, and 2: it’s simply “sour grapes”!. Let them wallow in their ” Universal Gate Model”.

  4. Geordie, can you please elaborate on your comment at 1:57:11 where you say “will a drug bind into a receptor is a question of quantum mechanics, not classical physics” and what does your knowledge on this subject say about currently available molecular modelling software like GROMACS?

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