The Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto

Ajay Agrawal is the Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He is also an old friend. We both went through Haig Farris’ High Tech Entrepreneurship course at UBC. We stayed in touch through the years. Ajay even wrote a Harvard Business School case study on D-Wave when he was there.

In 2012 Ajay started a business incubator at U of T called the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL). You can read about it here. They have been very successful. One of the companies that went through the process is Thalmic Labs. Their initial product, the Myo, sold 25,000 units in the first month after its release.

The CDL runs a model where a group of seven successful entrepreneurs mentors and guides the participants through a very competitive process that focuses resources on companies that look like winners. This group is called the G7. It is a little like the Dragons on Dragons Den.

A couple of months ago, Ajay asked if I would be interested in being a member of the G7 this year. Of course I said yes. It’s a very cool opportunity to help along the next Elon Musk or Marissa Meyer. As the year progresses, I’ll let yall know about some of the interesting companies in this year’s cohort.

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