D-Wave Systems and Cypress Announce Partnership

https://i2.wp.com/www.cypress.com/fckimages/CY_Foundry_AboutUs.jpgCypress Semiconductor Corporation is a semi- conductor design and manufacturing company founded in 1982 by T. J. Rogers and others from AMD. We’re working with them to build bigger and better superconducting circuits — ultimately millions of qubits and billions of devices per chip. The biggest problem we (or any QC effort that follows us) faces is the manufacturability of designs, and Cypress has one of the most incredible fabrication operations I have ever seen. You can see an overhead shot of the Minnesota facility to the right. This doesn’t do it justice. Acres of fab machines. And the people are top rate. Very exciting.

From HPCWire:

SAN JOSE, Calif. & BURNABY, British Columbia — Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and D-Wave Systems Inc., the world’s first commercial quantum computing company, today announced that D-Wave has successfully transferred its proprietary process technology for building quantum computing microprocessors to Cypress’s Wafer Foundry located in Bloomington, Minnesota. D-Wave selected Cypress as its foundry and started the site change in January of 2013, and Cypress delivered first silicon on June 26. Results from this lot indicate better yields than D-Wave has achieved in the past, validating the quality of Cypress’s production-scale environment.

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4 thoughts on “D-Wave Systems and Cypress Announce Partnership

  1. From HPCWire: “Cypress delivered first silicon on June 26”
    I have been following your remarkable progress with great interest.
    Are your superconducting circuits fabricated in silicon or Niobium?
    Robert Pope

  2. Hi Robert! Niobium. Although we are looking at some other things as the process evolves. For example it might be a good idea to have parts of the circuit be aluminum. Adding layers of different materials, or changing the materials we use and/or how they are processed (for example to reduce noise), is not easy but it is straightforward and we continue to look at this as the processors mature.

  3. Hi Geordie:

    In your interview with Nikola Danaylov (Singulary 1 on 1) you said you were looking for someone who would have some insight on AI art creation and that if someone could help that they could post something here. I was in the process of writing an essay on that subject and, though my three pages of musings on possibilities might not be of help someone in the art forum that I posted my essay in shared with me some links to David Copes’ projects. He is actively developing AI musicians and has quite a bit of literature on the subject. I hope this helps and I would very much like to see another interview. Much success.🙂


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