D-Wave on NOVA

We were on NOVA’s Making Stuff program last week. Here’s the segment where we appeared. It’s pretty … cool.

5 thoughts on “D-Wave on NOVA

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  2. Excellent educational video, although they seem to have made an error at 4:53–eight bits are used to represent a number between 0 and 255 (inclusive), not 0 and 256 (as stated in the video). Eight bits do allow you to represent 256 combinations total–from 0 to 255–but to represent the base ten number 256 in base two you’d actually need 9 bits. It’s a fairly common mistake, though I am a bit surprised that none of the editorial staff at NOVA managed to flag this prior to publication. Well, I generally like NOVA and given the absolute dearth of STEM content out there on public-access television, I suppose an occasional flub is a small price to pay for otherwise decent content aimed at children and young adults. Honestly, I wish we had quite a bit more of it out there.🙂


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