Why Silicon Valley funds Instagrams, not Hyperloops

This is an excellent article about an important topic — highly recommended reading.


8 thoughts on “Why Silicon Valley funds Instagrams, not Hyperloops

  1. But Facebook/Instagram is losing popularity among teens, Facebook can’t buy Snapchat even for 3 billion dollars. Will Facebook even be around 10 years from now? Do I smell America Online and Yahoo?

    On the other hand, the hyperloop would be unique, irreplaceable, would change human history

  2. Great article! reflects the same set of beliefs Peter Thiel’s startup course had: http://blakemasters.com/peter-thiels-cs183-startup

    What’s really cool now though is there are a few groundbreaking technologies (such as yourself, IBM Watson, Tesla car, etc) and getting a community around these groundbreaking technologies can combine the best of both worlds (as an example: the Watson API coming out next year http://www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2013/11/14/ibm-opens-up-watson-as-a-web-service/). This could lead to some non-conventional startups that investors will still be able to find comfortable. But yes it does require the brave few to do the initial platform work.

  3. I wonder if the idea of moving bodies, where in effect all you need to do is to move minds, is really what is totally irrational.

    One of the ingredients of the digital age is PCM, pulse code modulation, or analogue to digital conversion. Hear its inventor speaking on the subject (moving bodies is near the end).

    Here is the voice of a dead man, who had one of the brains that created this world of technology, our world. It would be well to at least consider what he says.


    more on

    • I totally agree that D-Wave work could have an enormous beneficial impact. The article makes a good point about the nature of investments, and the use of Hyperloop as an example mustn’t be allowed to muddy the issue.

      However markets seem to have been created that are enabling a Moore’s Law of solar PV which may result in renewable energy becoming cheaper than fossil fuel energy. That is worthwhile generation of infrastructure as are other projects that involve the creation of new abilities for people.

      An example is as a project on Marblar to enable individuals to diagnose communicable diseases with a simple and cheap chip.
      Individuals could use it to stay away from concentrations of people when infected. If this became a socially accepted norm, it would have enormous effect in the general health of the population.

      Consider the way opinion has changed on drink-driving. Once being drunk was almost an excuse for an accident and a bit of a laugh. Now it is definitely unacceptable. Once the enabling technology is there, avoiding infecting other people could become a social norm just as avoiding injuring then with your car.

      Many such projects can be started within the constraints mentioned.

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