9 thoughts on “Lev Grossman on D-Wave

  1. Pretty amazing stuff! On the cover of Time! A huge leap forward for the visibility of the technology to people outside of physics/compsci.

  2. D-Wave People: Congratulations! Another feather in your cap! Boy, does that irritate some people I know. Too bad!. ONLY 25 million people read TIME magazine!!!. Keep on trucking…

  3. Found D-Wave through Steve Jurvetson this weekend and it totally blown me away what this team is doing. Thank you Georgie for all of this. When you ever plan european activities with your product, I would love to help you out market D-Wave over here. Greetings from Germany, Roberto (IT Project- and Marketing-Manager)

  4. Congrats Dwave! I bet it’s great to be recognized for all your hardwork, passion, and inspiration on this technology. Hopefully more people would pay more attention to quantum technology and encourage more research and breakthroughs to move computing forward.

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